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establisHER Counseling & Life Solutions is a team of counselors commissioned to co-create the spark in girls and women. establisHER assists in establishing a solid foundation in SELF and in the SHE community to actualize a healthy, wealthy, wise lifestyle on purpose from the Female Perspective. establisHER recognizes that  women have a history of being the backbone, heart, and soul of families & communities while shaping movements and leading revolutions. We understand that establishing young girls and women mentally, emotionally, spiritually & communally increases the wellness of HER and adds to the sustainability of those around her.

Guiding the course of she,

to establisHER




establisHER 1st is a clinically-focused, individual & group therapeutic after school program that serves youth ages 10 to 17. The program allows young girls to develop into their full potential as leaders in their community by coming together as a SHE village to fully understand healthy decision making, behavior management, conflict resolution, relationship building, and effective communication skills. Through these life skills girls in the program should begin to embody female empowerment for themselves and positively support those around them.

K-12 Programs

Finding ME is the approach used to work with women who need support in break ups and divorce recovery, depression, anxiety, work-life balance, learning boundaries, relationship skills, self esteem improvement and radical self love. This  service can also be used with high schoolers, undergraduate and graduate students as well . The approach to counseling and service delivery is heavily focused on the therapeutic relationship and I place a strong emphasis on co-creating an environment where clients feel safe, supported, and challenged to become the most authentic and best versions of themselves.

Group & Individual Counseling
Finding the Formula

I will analyze the mechanics of your relationship to determine what works well and what needs changing. With your  consistent participation, openness to change and willingness to learn, you will develop tools to feed your relationship and manage the inevitable challenges that all couples experience.

My work with couples is grounded in establishing men and women mentally, emotionally, spiritually and communally to increase healthy relationships, family wellness and sustainable communities.

Couples Couseling

Thrift Therapy is Brief Solution Focused life coaching and therapy coupled with thrifting/shopping for extra flare! Through this wildly successful program, April-Autumn collaborates with clients who are pursuing new opportunities to transform their business, prepare for the next season, or create a new chapter in their lives through an affordable, personalized, one-on-one, therapeutic shopping experience. Thrift Therapy is April-Autumn’s way assisting her clients re-image and imagine themselves, stylishly.

Group & Individual Life Coaching

My Sisters Business is a membership organization seeking to connect, elevate and support women who are small business owners or women who desire to become entrepreneurs. We do this through educational seminars & workshops, supportive coaching/mentoring relationships, and hosting intentional networking & community engagements. Within this village we also provide a monthly support group for women and several other benefits for those who choose to join.

Networking, Mentorship,

Do you have questions, concerns or just want to talk to someone about a young girl or woman you are concerned about?

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