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Finding Queendom 101: The Basics of SELF

An INTENTIONAL community retreat facilitated & hosted by April-Autumn for Queens walking in PURPOSE

  • Starts Jul 20
  • From 100 US dollars
  • Location will be disclosed after registration

Available spots

Service Description

This intentional gathering is designed specifically for women of the African diaspora, offering a sacred space to heal past wounds, understand the profound impact of our history on the present, and realign ourselves for a future rooted in truth and authenticity. **Retreat Overview:** **Healing Past Wounds:** Explore and acknowledge the traumas and challenges that have shaped your journey. Through guided workshops and reflective exercises, you will embark on a healing process that honors your experiences and paves the way for emotional freedom. **Understanding Impact:** Delve into the ways your past influences your present self. By recognizing patterns and triggers, you will gain a deeper understanding of how to break free from limiting beliefs and behaviors, setting the stage for a more empowered future. **Repositioning for the Future:** Reimagine your life path with clarity and intention. This retreat will guide you in crafting a vision for your future that is aligned with your true self, free from the shadows of the past. **Learning to Trust and Be Open:** Cultivate the courage to trust yourself and others. Engage in activities that foster openness and vulnerability, helping you build deeper connections and a supportive community. **Radical Self-Love:** Discover the power of loving yourself unconditionally. Before seeking external relationships, learn to prioritize your own needs and desires, embracing self-love as the foundation for all other relationships. **Embracing Vulnerability:** In a safe and nurturing environment, practice being vulnerable. Sharing your story and listening to others will help you realize the strength in vulnerability and the importance of authenticity. **Journey of Self-Discovery:** Embark on a profound journey to uncover your true self. Through mindfulness practices, creative expression, and introspective sessions, you will reconnect with your essence and embrace your unique identity. **Embark on Your Healing Journey:** This retreat is more than just a getaway; it’s an invitation to transform your life. By the end of our time together, you will feel rejuvenated, empowered, and ready to embrace your true queendom. You will leave with a renewed sense of self, equipped with the tools and insights needed to navigate your life with confidence and grace.

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+ 919.590.0889

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