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About April-Autumn

Therapist • Life Coach • Strategist •  Educator • Speaker • Fashionista

April-Autumn is an experienced Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Public Speaker with a demonstrated history of working in non-profits, healthcare settings, and the higher education industry. She is a skilled trainer and has provided services for youth and young adults for over 20 years. April-Autumn, the CEO of establisHER Counseling and Life Solutions. Under establisHER, April-Autumn utilizes different modalities in specific programs to meet her client’s needs.


April-Autumn has extensive experience facilitating difficult conversations, providing counseling on relationships, preventing violence, and implementing individual and social change. She has educated corporate entities, faith-based agencies, community organizations, emergency responders, students, faculty, and staff on the prevention of and response to violence.


She has provided seminars and training at Texas A&M University, North Carolina State University, Duke University, Rice University, and the University of Wisconsin, to name a few.

April-Autumn Sparks
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