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Autumn-April Sparks

You don’t have fire without a spark.
What SPARKS you?

Meet Autumn-April, transformative therapist, life strategist & speaker



Igniting Success

April-Autumn, a transformative therapist, strategist, and speaker, collaborates with individuals, groups, and organizations to empower them to reach their full potential. She ignites passions and purpose, planting the seeds of success.

April Autumn Sparks

Making an Impact

A few of the ways I help:

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Consider a Complimentary
 Consultation if...

  • You are experiencing depression or anxiety

  • You are experiencing a lack of self-esteem

  • You want/need a change in your life

  • ​You have experienced a major life change or traumatic event that you can't stop thinking about.

  • You have unexplained and recurrent headaches, stomach-aches or feeling run down

  • You are using a substance(s) to cope

  • You are getting negative feedback at school or work

  • You feel disconnected from previously beloved activities

  • Your relationships with friends and loved ones are strained

  • You need a speaker, a class, a seminar, or a training

  • You have a general question(s) concerning services offered 

What Clients  are Saying...

Just wanted to say thank you again for yesterday evening. I really appreciated you creating a safe and confidential space to be vulnerable and the way you built trust so fast. I sometimes avoid vulnerability as a means of protection. I learned so much about myself and received many nuggets of wisdom from you, not just about clothing but about life and relationships. Thrift therapy is your special gift...I woke up this morning and turned on Pandora, and the first song was “New Season,” and the Bible verse of the day talked about peace. How timely!


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